Use your phone to search, book and unlock Bold spaces, on-demand.

You Already Have The Key

Privacy with the tap of an app.

A Bold Membership

Hassle Free
Meeting and collaborating is now a piece of cake. No phone calls, no emails, no keys, no check in/out, no distractions.

Easily book Bold spaces by the hour or day. No lengthy contracts or commitments. Pay as you go.

Book with confidence
Beautiful spaces designed with consistency to inspire & delight with bold interior design.

Fortune Favours The Bold

Bold /bəʊld/ – a person showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous –

We believe the world is made better by people with bold ideas. People who are brave enough to challenge the status quo. Leaders who risk their own comfort to inspire and improve the lives of others.

Our mission is to support and champion the Bold.
We envision a world where it’s easier for Bold people to collaborate and unlock their potential.

So…we’re opening beautiful and inspiring spaces across London, that give our members access to privacy for meetings with the tap of an app.

Here’s to the Bold!

London Skyline